"Ann, what a relief to meet you!
We knew we wanted our wedding
ceremony to be really special, but
we had no idea how to get started.
Meeting you made us realize that
someone could help us create a
magical ceremony all our own -- and
that we would have a wonderful
time in your warm and capable hands."

          Jonni and Michael

                    "When I came to this meeting, I thought the ceremony was just
                    something to be gotten through so the party could start. I was
                    amazed how excited I became by the possibilities Ann presented.
                    I left that first meeting full of enthusiasm -- and shy as I am
                     -- wanting to tell my friends and family how much I love Mary!"

                                  Ron and Mary

"I was so relieved, I expected Ann
to be all starchy and formal. We
laughed so hard at our first meeting.
I felt completely at ease and
totally excited about having a
process that would develop a wedding
ceremony uniquely our own."

          Jennifer and Brian