Let everyone know how special this relationship is in your life.
          Tell people what this exceptional partnership means to you
          and ask those who love you to support your commitment.
          Your ceremony should reflect who you are, what you believe,
          where you come from and where you're headed - together!

Ann Keeler Evans, M.Div., won't just help you design the perfect wedding ceremony. She'll work closely with you

      Before your ceremony
          With a process that helps you find words for your feelings,
      During your ceremony
          With an approach that will keep you grounded and relaxed
      After your ceremony
          With a chronicle of your love and a ceremony to live by.

Enjoy the planning. You should enjoy planning your wedding ceremony! More than just an opportunity to fight with family members, it can be a time to get centered and remember exactly why you embarked on this wedding odyssey. We'll meet frequently to help you keep track of your relationship in the midst of the frenzy. Between us, we'll create a ceremony to savor -- one you'll pull out and read over and over as you celebrate anniversaries and weather the ups and downs of life and marriage. These words are the sacred text of your holy relationship. In building your ceremony, I'll help you clarify for yourself and your community of family and friends exactly why you've chosen to marry this special person and spend the rest of your lives together. I'll guide you in gathering community support for your relationship. And I'll help you make promises you know you can keep.

Archive your relationship. By the end of our time together, you'll have an archive of information about this precious relationship -- how you met, why you love each other, what's important in your life together and who the important people are who will stand by you in your life together. You'll have a ritual that not only allows your community to celebrate your love for one another but also reminds them to celebrate the love in their own lives.

Feel comfortable and calm before and during your wedding. Because we've met together many times, you know exactly what will happen at your wedding. You can be relaxed knowing that as you stand nervously opening your hearts before your community, all will go well. Your ceremony will reflect your life and your relationship. In me, you know you have an ally -- not only in designing and celebrating your ceremony, but also in your life as lovers and as family to one another -- in the planning process, on your wedding day and in your life to come.

Savor the significance of this special day. When I marry you, I invoke not only your community's blessing but a blessing from God or the Universe. You will feel the power of your union in your lives and in the world at large. Your intentions will be held and supported by the oaths you've created and all those you've asked to join you in celebrating your covenant. You will understand that you are bound by the promises you've made today.

Remember your love for years to come. Forever after you will hear my voice in your heart saying the words of your ceremony and telling the story of the great love and respect you share. It will continue to bring you comfort and confidence throughout your relationship.

Be chosen by Ann to make a good life together. The couples I work with have chosen me as carefully as they've chosen their mates. I chose them with the same consideration, looking for couples whose relationship I believe will withstand the test of time. You will have been seen and liked for who you are and how you love one another. When we started our work together, you didn't know you were looking for a family priest, but by the end of the process you know I'll help you celebrate all the important moments in your life and gather community support for whatever you do. And do you know what else? We will have had so much fun! You'll find that designing your wedding was a joyful pilgrimage to defining your life together.

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