For very little work, you can have a run of the mill
          ceremony with someone who may or may not remember
          your name! OR you can slow down, think about why
          you love each other, and ask Ann Keeler Evans, M.Div.
          to guide you through designing and celebrating your
          wedding with gentleness and wisdom.

          As your celebrant, I will preside over and bless the
          ceremony from inception through its glorious unfolding
          in front of your gathered community. I'll be your guide
          to creating a ceremony filled with meaning and memory
          that will support your love and family for years to come.           Here's what you need to make this ceremony work.

Invitation: Welcome those who will witness your promises to love one another. Their presence in your lives is a blessing on your relationship.

Invocation: Consecrate your special wedding site. Invite the blessing of community and Spirit. Acknowledge the different components of your community. Your love joins you with lovers everywhere and gives you powerful allies for your relationship.

Joining of the Families: Thank your families for all they have given you. Ask your families to welcome your partner and celebrate the future with you. You would never have come this far without them and now you will lead them forward into a shared future.

Satement of Intent: Tell your community why you wish to marry and why this wonderful relationship will endure. A picture of what works in your relationship will linger in your heart forever and keep you constantly renewing your promises.

Satement of Support: Ask your community to support you in your marriage. Provide a pledge of commitment for them to speak aloud. Their investment in your relationship is a powerful thing.

Images of Relationship: Include wonderful songs and poems or statements from your friends and family. These words will provide you examples of successful relationship and great love.

Vows: Affirm your choice to marry and make your promises to each other. Discovering the appropriate words to celebrate your covenant provides you with words you can live into.

Exchange of Rings: Explore the significance of rings as you exchange these material symbols of your commitment. It 's wonderful to have constant reminders of your loving promises.

Proclamation and Blessing: Hear the words that proclaim your covenant for all to hear: "You are married!" Your promises of love will alter and shape your life forever.

Benediction: Remind the gathering of their promise to support your loving relationship. Encourage them to celebrate their own. Today is a celebration of your love and their own!

There are many small rituals to personalize your wedding and make it appropriate to your heritage or culture. You may wish to add a glass-breaking or tea ceremony, a chuppa, a hand-fasting, a candle-lighting or some other wonderful celebration of your commitment. You deserve a wedding that celebrates your life! Come, let us celebrate together!