Other Blessings and Celebrations

Have something you want to celebrate or an event you'd like to mark? For any occasion you can have a ceremony to remember. Choosing an ally to design and preside over important events in your life allows you to enjoy the full range of emotions and experiences this event holds. Have ceremonies tailor-made for your life, your relationships and your personality. Your life is precious! Come to Ann Keeler Evans, M.Div., and let's celebrate your life together. Put sense and the sacred back into the passages of life in this complex and confusing world. Allow your beliefs to shape your life. Know where you wish to go and get there with gratitude, passion and intention!

More and more people today describe themselves as seekers. While only three in ten Americans attend religious services regularly, more than half believe religion can answer the problems of today. A Rite to Remember helps communities celebrate age-old rituals and make meaning in our changing world. Even those with strong religious affiliations today find solace and support in disciplines and traditions from around the world. Rev. Evans' ecumenical background and training provides everyone possibilities for reflection and change.

Ritual can enhance your life. Well-crafted ceremony can reflect your deepest desires and invite those you care about to stay involved in your life and supportive of your dreams. Much more than legal actions or ancient religious traditions, they are celebrations of your hearts' and souls' connections. A Rite to Remember helps you celebrate what is true and meaningful rather than what the law demands or the doctrines proscribe. Rev. Evans knows ritual and understands how it works. She provides a structure and a format to plan and celebrate your life. Allow ritual to help you lead the life you desire!

Most people no longer have a family priest. This can result in even the most intimate events' being cold and impersonal. You deserve to be seen and known by the person celebrating your life. Rev. Evans' warm personal touch invites you to enter into the process and enjoy your ritual moment, from an exploratory meeting, through questionnaires and drafts, past rehearsals and at your special event.

Life is complicated when you're separated from family and friends. Celebrations call your loved ones together and help cement your bonds. You deserve the support of your community. They deserve to know how to support you and how to be community to one another. At A Rite to Remember, Rev. Evans helps your loved ones recognize their role in your relationship and in each other's lives.

Solstices and other Seasonal Celebrations

Seasons come and go and give our lives shape and meaning. Celebrate the year's cycles with your birth families, families of choice, or in large community rituals that invite your growth and sharing. Few of us are farmers anymore living with the cycles of the earth, but all our lives are full of ups and downs and joyous repetition. Honoring life's turning with people you know and love and with total strangers makes you aware of the richness in your life.

Women's Ceremonies

We are made in Her image and there is much to celebrate! Welcome the possibilities and responsibilities of being a woman with the turning of the seasons and the waxing and waning of the moon: Menarche, Maturation, Motherhood, Menopause, Dark and Full Moon ceremonies. Celebrate all the major events in a woman's life and honor your connection to your community and to the world.

Special Events

You'll never know what will need honoring. Dedicate a new school, celebrate your business' growth and development, remember the achievements of your community, o a healing ritual for a sick friend or honor a friendship. Do these things in the company of your eclectic and diverse community. Some of these celebrations will be religious, some of them will be secular all of them can be wonderful.

Family Ceremonies

Families share lives, laugh in times of joy and help in times of challenge. Support your precious family unit and celebrate the cherished markers that make you a family: First day of School, Birthdays, Coming of Age, Graduations. Start your own Family Day and celebrate with customs that are derived from past generations and those that are uniquely yours.

Personal Ceremonies

Your life is well worth celebrating! Mark the meaningful occasions in your life: birthdays, job changes, relationship endings and beginnings, retirement, menopause, illness. These are all reasons to call your community together and bless the events that make you who you are.

Whatever you'd like to celebrate, e-mail me now for a free consultation!

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