"When our son committed suicide, I just wanted to crawl into bed and
hide from the world. Ann's insistence that we hold a memorial service
to celebrate his life showed us how much love and support existed in
our family and community. We are often unaware how vast our
community is until tragedy brings us together.

Those who attended the memorial service, because of the shared
experience, were able to be present for us as we struggled with our
loss. Friends and family members who were not there found
themselves unable to meet our eye for years afterward. They didn't
know what to say or do, so just avoided us altogether, even going so
far as to cross the street if they saw us coming. I had no idea that
ceremony could play such a role."


                    "As Ann led us though Kenneth's
                    memorial service I found it hard to
                    remember that she had never known
                    Kenneth herself, never met him
                    in the flesh. She was able to piece
                    together a mosaic of Kenneth that
                    was fuller than the pieces each of us -
                    family and friends - had
                    contributed to the process. She not
                    only brought us together in our
                    time of mourning and celebration of
                    this man we had each known in
                    our own special way, she fleshed him
                    out in a way that was now new
                    to each of us."