"After 16 years, two kids and a house
of 8 years, I was going through a
divorce, amicable but nonetheless
stressful. I got the house in the
settlement but wasn't sure if this
was a good thing as it held all of the
memories of my marriage - the emptiness,
pain and sadness. Last year I decided
to have the house renovated. Having the
house blessed during the remodel was
just the thing. Forty of my good friends
and neighbors gathered in the home that
was under construction and joined in a
beautiful dedication led by Ann - wow,
it still gives me goosebumps! In the
candlelight, everyone joined in writing
blessings on the framework afterward and
toasting with champagne. Honestly
the best party I have ever been to,
it made the house a home again!"


                    "This was our first house. Tiny and small, it represented our first step
                    in becoming a family. Ann asked us to imagine the kind of life we
                    wanted to live and the kind of people we wanted to be. As we talked
                    about our hopes and dreams we began to fashion a life made in that
                    image in our new home. We love our home and the life we lead there.
                    Since the blessing was so successful, we asked Ann to marry us two
                    years later. Now we're awaiting our first child and Ann will lead the
                    blessing as we introduce our child to the community."

                                           Sara and John

"Dear Ann, You are a blessing in my life.
Through the cleansing ceremony that you
led, my house has become my home. The
pain of my divorce, the disruption of
the remodeling and the past memories of
previous owners are no longer within the
walls. My newly configured family has
claimed this place as our own. The flow
of the house moves from public space to
community gathering space into the heart
of the family space. We've incorporated
the garden in the living space. Even
though I'd planned some of this before
meeting you, you helped me become
conscious about what I was doing: where
I would offer hospitality and where I
would refresh myself and retreat from
the world. What a beautiful ceremony
it was, with the people I love helping
and supporting me in creating a new
living space for my children and me.
I can't say enough wonderful things
about the gifts that you have given
to me. Thank you!"