What happens first: This is a fact-finding session to determine what you want. Your ceremony will be determined by your plans for your new home, the kind of life you want to live there, and the people you want to participate in this blessing. This is a time to think through some of those questions with a warm and friendly ally. I'll give you some background on the work I do and my philosophy about ritual and the ways it can enrich your life. I'll let you know what I think will help you not only have a great house blessing but also a great life in your new home.

What you'll take home: I'm going to give you lots of information and some written work to take home and think about. When you interview other people you'll have a good yardstick to figure out what you can expect from a house blessing -- things you may never have thought to look for! I'll start the interview by asking you for some basic information about the history of the house, about the way you live and about your plans for your life in this new home.

What will the process be like: Then I will take you, step by step, through an outline for a good house blessing that can become the form you build your special ceremony on. After that, I'll explain the process I use and we can talk about fees and timing. In the course of the meeting, which takes a little over an hour, you'll get some good ideas for what you'd like to incorporate into your ceremony and you'll hear yourself say some wonderful things about your new home and its possibilities.

What is most important: Taking the time to get good information about the possibilities for your ceremony will help you focus on what's most important in your home: the life you will live in your home and the people you will share that life with. By the end of the hour we will all have a very good idea whether we'd like to put the time and energy into working together to create a house blessing that will celebrate your life and provide a foundation for a wonderful future in your home.

Together let's create a blessing that reflects your hopes and dreams, celebrates your relationships and dedicates your space to the life you choose. The richness of the life you will live in this place should be the heart of your ceremony. Your joy and hope and careful planning should bubble through.

You deserve a coach and ally in the creation process to design a ceremony that meets your needs and desires and provides an oasis of meaning in the midst of your house purchase or remodel. You can have a celebrant who will rally community support for your commitment while keeping you calm and relaxed! Give yourself a resource and a friend you can count on -- not only as you dedicate your home but for years to come.