"Ann performed the blessing when our daughter was born. What a
relief it was to find her! We were raised with different religious and
ethnic heritage and had no idea how to honor all the traditions we
brought to our new family. Ann is knowledgeable and open to learning
and incorporating many different traditions. (Where was she when we
were being married???) We were so excited to introduce our first child
to the world and had a huge party with many friends and extended family.
Ann took the many personalities in stride and had us all laughing
and crying through the whole ceremony. Even little Jade seemed
to enjoy it. By the time our son was born, we were thinking quite
differently about our life and wanted a ceremony that reflected
the way we were growing as a family. There was a much smaller crowd
and Ann managed to deepen the intimacy and connection with her
ceremony. Through it all we laughed and dreamed much larger than we
might have dared if she hadn't encouraged us. She's taken her place
as a special Auntie in the lives of our children. We loved the experience so
much that we've considered having a third child just to have another
ceremony. But, maybe we'll just invite her to dinner!" "

                    Jun and Harry

                    "From our initial meeting, through
                    the planning stages, and at the
                    event itself, Ann helped us to pull
                    pull together an extremely meaningful,
                    cohesive, and uplifing blessing ceremony
                    for our daughter Kyra. She provided
                    a good structural framework of ideas
                    to get us started, and was completely
                    flexible and supportive in helping us
                    create the ceremony that was right for us.
                    At the blessing itself, she was a serene
                    and positive presence that gave the ceremony
                    focus, warmth, and dignity. We strongly
                    recommend her to anyone wanting a personalized
                    and spiritual blessing ceremony for their child.

                                  Rob and Joyce